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A Well Full of Help for Children in Honduras

The Leonard family is heading to La Ceiba, Honduras next month.  We have the privilege of visiting a child that Leonard Engineering sponsors who lives in an orphanage run by Helping Honduras Kids. His name is Brayan, and he is nine years old.

Our son has been corresponding with Brayan, and the boys have become friends through their letters. They are excited to meet one another in person and as Brayan says…”be best friends.”  As Brayan’s sponsors we get to enjoy individual time with him when he swims and plays with our family.  We look forward to spending time with the other children in the orphange and school they attend while assembling craft projects, playing games, reading, and stepping in where we are needed.

The Honduran people are among the poorest in Latin America, and Honduras is the fourth poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  Only Haiti, Nicaragua, and Guyana are poorer.  The economy of Honduras is based mostly on agriculture, which accounts for 14% of its GDP, led by coffee exports.  Unemployment is estimated at 28% and there is great need for the many orphaned, abandoned and abused children.

Helping Honduras Kids is having a positive impact on some of the most vulnerable Hondurans.  The organization operates Hogar de Amor (Home of Love) for the 25 children that reside there year-round.

In addition, Helping Honduras Kids runs the K-7th Jungle School for these children, along with almost another 100 children from the surrounding area.  Some of these children walk two to three hours roundtrip on slippery trails every day just to have the opportunity to get an education.

In preparation for our trip to Honduras, Leonard Engineering and our family has been raising money to help fund an urgent need at the orphanage – a well.  Hogar de Amor needs a well to provide a continual water supply for the children’s home.  Unlike here, the Honduran water utility provides water on an intermittent basis for an average duration of six hours per day.  Think of that while trying to keep 25 children clean and healthy.  A total of $6,000 is needed to pay for the 100 foot well. No amount donated is too little and even the smallest person can help.  For example, our children and their friends have raised over $220 from lemonade stands.

We are thankful to be involved with such an amazing organization that helps so many. If you would like to partner with us to raise money for the well or would like more information about Helping Honduras Kids, please contact me at elleanor@leonardengineering.net.

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