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STEM and Compassion at Nonprofit Change Local Community Through Education

During the past few weeks, many high school and college graduations have taken place in the region.  One organization with which Leonard Engineering has had the privilege to work has made it possible for 65 students to earn college degrees this year alone.  Family Scholar House is a gem within our community.

Leonard Engineering provided structural engineering services for three of the four local campuses: Downtown Family Scholar House, Parkland Family Scholar House, and the Stoddard Johnston Scholar House.  This month, it was announced that they are expanding again with a proposed fifth local campus in the Jefferson Riverport area of Louisville.

In case you have not heard about this organization, Family Scholar House helps single parents who are homeless or have unstable housing focus on college and their children at the same time. Family Scholar House offers housing assistance, educational support, family support, and peer support to help its participants successfully complete a college degree while providing single parents the support needed for their family and education.

Since it started in 2005, Family Scholar House continues to have impressive and growing figures that warrant consideration.

Family Scholar House is fulfilling its mission by using education to change lives, families and communities.  This is accomplished by just 12 full-time and four part-time staff, along with 1531 volunteers.  Volunteers are critical to the organization’s and the families’ continued success.

There are numerous ways to get involved.

As a structural engineering company, we are excited that Family Scholar House has taken steps to expose girls to STEM through workshops aimed at K-12 and other initiatives.  According to a recent study by Girl Scouts, 74% of teen girls are interested in the field of STEM.  Offering support and encouragement to turn that interest into a career is critical no matter where you live to boost the future number of women in STEM fields.  Better still, Family Scholar House is helping single parents attain their dreams of going into engineering and other related STEM careers.  We are delighted to have contributed a small part to the broader impact of this local charity, and are looking forward to its future success as it continues to grow.

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