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Mason Lane Farm Operation

Mason Lane Farm Operation wins 2013 Institute Honor Award for Architecture from The American Institute Of Architects. Leonard Engineering was honored to be part of the team who worked on this project along with De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop, Lichtefled, Inc., and others. The 2000 acre property functions as a working farm while also being used for recreation, agriculture, wildlife habitat and conservation purposes. In addition, it is used for large group gatherings, bringing the local community together in a special environment.

The needs were consolidated into two large barns and a grain silo arranged to form an outdoor work courtyard. The jury was impressed on how the project used modest materials that were well crafted and carefully considered while being architecturally thoughtful. The forms were uniquely composed of bamboo weathered skins and commodity metal siding. The buildings were sited “for functional requirements while creating a wonderful juxtaposition relative to each other and the surrounding landscape.”

For more information on this project, please see our Project page HERE.

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