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Southwestern Parkway CSO Basin

The Southwestern Parkway CSO Basin project kicked off construction in January 2017 and is an integral part of Louisville MSD’s 19-year, $940 million sewer system renovation project. When completed, the basin will collect and store flow from three overflow sewer locations that now dump an average of 115 million gallons per year into the Ohio River during heavy rain events. This basin will reduce the number of spills into the river from 74 per year on average to only 16.

The 20 million gallon Southwestern Parkway CSO Basin will be located under the great lawn of southwest Louisville’s Shawnee Park. The basin will be constructed of reinforced concrete and measures approximately 200 feet by 480 feet in size. The roof of the basin will be buried under 13 feet of soil and the deepest portion of the basin will extend over 70 feet below current ground level. The basin pumps and control area will be located directly adjacent to the buried basin and will extend underneath the park access road. The entrance to the pump station will be surrounded by an ornate brick walled courtyard with architectural fencing. After construction is complete the historic park will be restored to the Frederick Law Olmsted’s original design and upgraded with over $2.5 million in improvements and amenities including a new open-air pavilion and restrooms to be constructed along the park road

Please watch this amazing video below, credited to the ductile iron pipe supplier for the project, McWane Ductile, https://www.mcwaneductile.com.


Chad and Matt have been great to work with.  There have been times when the contractor wanted different things looked at and they have always been willing to jump in to check various scenarios.  And their design has been very thorough.  We did some internal QC, including a look at the structural drawings.  The comments that came back were that your drawings were the most thorough and organized the QC engineers had seen.  They were impressed with the work. We have enjoyed the relationship so far and will absolutely look to team in the future.

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•2019 National Award of Excellence in the water/wastewater category, Design-Build Institute of America
•2019 Best in Design for Engineering in all categories, Design-Build Institute of America
•2019 National Award of Merit in the water/wastewater category, Design-Build Institute of America
•2019 Construction Award, Slag Cement Association
•2020 Engineering Excellence Grand Award, American Council of Engineering Companies of Kentucky

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